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Alex Balanescu

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Monday 13 October 2003

Friday 31 October 2003

Friday 21 November 2003

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Maggie Nicols

The Rare Music Club was founded by permanent artistic director Keith Tippett in 1992 to promote his favourite genres of music and to provide a regular performing home for the free improvising collective Mujician. After a few seasons in the Malaap Club and then the Grace Rooms at Gloucester County Cricket Club in Bristol the Club was shelved when the voluntary committee was forced to disband due to various life changes. In 2000 Mind Your Own Music took on the job of fundraising with a view to reviving this groundbreaking concert series which has now hosted three outside broadcasts on BBC Radio 3.

The Performing Right Society Foundation were generous in their support for two years and were joined by South West Arts for the second year in funding a range of new Rare Music Club concerts in Bristol.

Musicians who have appeared at the Rare Music Club at St George's Bristol, Victoria Rooms, The Cube, Polish Club, Wiltshire Music Centre, Wickham Theatre, QEH Theatre and Bristol Music Club in 2001–2003:

Keith Tippett • David Le Page • Chris George • Malcolm Allison • Philip Sheppard • Dufay Collective • Giles Lewin • Vivien Ellis • Julie Tippetts • Paul Dunmall • Simon Picard • John Edwards • Tony Marsh • Sivasakti Sivanesan • Balu Raghuraman • M. Balachandar • Nina Burmi • Ustad Fida Hussain • Sukhdip Dhanjal • Raju Virdee • Andrew Ball • Susanne Stanzeleit • David Bedford • Maggie Nicols • Lol Coxhill • Ayub Ogada • Alex Balanescu • Satoko Fujii • Natsuki Tamura • Julian Jacobson • Elena Riu • Peter Fairclough • Saladin’s Duo with Salah Dawson Miller, Justin Adams and guest dancer Amel Tafsout • Cheng Yu • Hiroaki Takenouchi • Jon Lloyd Quintet with John Law, Stan Adler, Chris Webster and Paul Clarvis • Moebius with Jon Swayne, David Faulkner and Don Ward • Paul Rogers • Philip Gibbs • Almer Imamovic • Mujician with Keith Tippett, Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers, Tony Levin • Karen Street • Katherine Spencer • Matt Sharp • Hilary Jeffery • Stephen Grew • Pat Thomas • Howard Riley • Miriam Keogh • Fazliddin Husanov • The Dartington Trio

Keith Tippett’s Rare Music Club presents quality TRIPLE BILLS embracing the varied musical worlds of FREE IMPROVISATION / CONTEMPORARY JAZZ with CONTEMPORARY / NEW MUSIC and ROOTS / ETHNIC / FOLK MUSIC in a variety of venues in Bristol and the South West.

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