Satoko Fujii & Natsuki Tamura

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Satoko Fujii piano
Natsuki Tamura trumpet/toys

Satoko Fujii and Natsuki Tamura are a dynamic contemporary music piano and trumpet duo who split their time between Tokyo and New York where they regularly play and record with the downtown jazz crowd. Their first UK tour won a four-star review from Guardian jazz critic John Fordham and total conversion from audiences who came with no knowledge or preconceptions and left with all the CDs they had. Their second visit a year later included an appearance at the London Jazz Festival (partially broadcast on BBC Radio 3’s Jazz on 3). So far in 2002 the Satoko Fujii Quartet have toured USA and the Satoko Fujii Trio (with Jim Black and Mark Dresser) has performed in New York and Japan. The SF Quartet tour Europe in November 2002 when their second CD will be released by Voiceprint. The latest New York big band CD is due for release by Enja in spring 2003. For more information please visit Satoko’s website.

Anyone complaining about the lack of 'something different' hasn't heard the music of Japanese pianist Satoko Fujii and her husband Natsuki Tamura. Their sounds are a potent mix of passion and calculated madness—Jazz Central Station

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