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31 Studies for Saxophone, by Paul Dunmall


I hope this study book will give saxophonists a chance to develop a fresh approach to playing, whilst improving embouchure and technique. A form of musical weightlifting these studies will improve the player's tone and develop stamina.There are some large intervals that can be pretty tough and some harmonics which could be tricky to play, especially for the soprano, so play them down the octave if necessary. There are no time signatures or key signatures and no naturals, so each note is played as written with a sharp or a flat affecting only the note that it is assigned to.
Most of the studies are written in 8th notes but they don't necessarily have to be played evenly. I would encourage the player to experiment with different rhythmic patterns and indeed different articulations and phrase groupings. I have not put in any multiphonics as I feel that needs a separate book with more detailed explanations.

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Study No. 1

There are many books based on scale patterns and chord sequences, but this book has been written to disrupt the patterns that we, as players, fall into. These studies attempt to give our fingers and ears new areas to explore. If you can play these studies you will have equipped yourself with a greater facility for improvisation, combining a richer palette of melodic shapes with an ability to change direction instantly and laterally.

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I would like to thank Brian Irvine for his time, suggestions and wizardry at the computer and Howard Cottle for giving me the idea to write a study book.

I hope you enjoy these studies and remember that the music always sounds better when it is fresh and spontaneous … that is where the "true" music lies.

© Paul Dunmall, November 2000
All rights reserved

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