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Nick Evans trombone
Jim Dvorak
trumpet, pocket trumpet, flutes
Gary Curson alto & soprano saxes
Keith Tippett piano
Roberto Bellatalla
Jim Le Baigue drums

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Dreamtime draws its name from a Golden Age within the chronology of native Australians; a time when creative vision was the primary purpose of existence. This creativity was brought about through the process known as dreaming. The band demonstrates musical creativity through its freeflowing improvisations and structured compositions.

Jim Dvorak Roberto Bellatalla

Nick Evans Jim Le Baigue

Gary Curson Keith Tippett
All photos © Thomas Peter

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Dreamtime began in London in 1982 when Nick Evans, Gary Curson and Jim Le Baigue met in a friend's basement in order to 'work out'. The raw intensity of the trio's improvisations, together with the haunting themes borne out of the interaction between the three musicians' differing styles demanded that a working band be formed and the trio became a quintet with the addition of trumpet player Jim Dvorak and bass player Roberto Bellatalla. As a quintet Dreamtime recorded the album Bunny Up in 1983 for Affinity Records. The quintet maintained a weekly residency at a London club and rapidly expanded its repertoire before augmenting to a sextet with the addition of pianist Keith Tippett.

Since 1990 this improvising jazz band has retained the same line-up, recording for national radio and playing festival concerts, their varied musical backgrounds combining to create an infectious and exhilirating sound all their own.

The musicians have a rich musical heritage, having between them toured and recorded with, among others, Soft Machine, King Crimson, Dudu Pukwana, Alexis Korner, The Temptations, Centipede, The Brotherhood of Breath, Mujician, Elton Dean, Louis Moholo, Don Cherry, Johnny Thunders, Patti Palladin, Labi Siffre, Graham Collier, Memphis Slim, Manfred Mann, Alex Balanescu, Ray Russell.

Their music largely comprises original compositions that incorporate free improvisation with a wide variety of global music themes. Dreamtime can be heard on their CD Zen Fish and the Slamfest compilation double CD.

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Few bands confound the stereotyped expectations aroused by the words 'free improvisation' as thoroughly as Dreamtime. Most radically, they utilise structure to a far greater extent than might be expected from musicians with their track records; they also draw freely on an extraordinary diversity of traditions, from Tibetan and Native American chants to African and Chinese music. But, perhaps most importantly, they surprise those who expect improvised music to be sternly esoteric and inaccessible by imbuing everything they play with a highly affecting brand of fierce joy—Chris Parker, The Times

Provocative, stylish, and full of energy—The Guardian

… one of the UK's most exhilirating live jazz acts—BBC Music Magazine

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