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Paul Dunmall soprano saxophone, Eb clarinet, bagpipes, flute

Paul Rogers five-string double bass

'This music was on cassettes sitting around on the shelf so please excuse some hiss and occasional pre-echo. I believe this music worthy of release as it was a relatively short time (in the long history of our mostly improvising duo) that our music was based around written folk melodies' - Paul Dunmall

Disc A recorded at Unitarian Chapel Warwick 6 July 1994 by Andy Isham

Disc B recorded at Bath Festival May 1995

Disc C recorded at Unitarian Chapel Warwick 11 August 1995 by Andy Isham

Disc D recorded in Paris April 1996

60 studies for sax

This new Duns CD is a CD book containing, as it says on the tin, sixty studies for saxophone in PDF format. This is an enlarged revision of the his now out of print 31 Studies for Saxophone. It comes with a couple of extras but otherwise no sleeve notes or frills. That's it - go study!

From the introduction to 31 Studies: 'I hope this study book will give saxophonists a chance to develop a fresh approach to playing, whilst improving embouchure and technique. A form of musical weightlifting these studies will improve the player's tone and develop stamina. There are some large intervals that can be pretty tough and some harmonics which could be tricky to play, especially for the soprano, so play them down the octave if necessary. There are no time signatures or key signatures and no naturals, so each note is played as written with a sharp or a flat affecting only the note that it is assigned to.'

Also note the issue of Duns records DLE64-67 now in stock, plus a DVD with Tony Orrell, plus Deep Joy quadruple CD back in stock for those quick enough off the mark!

And don't forget Mujician and other gigs autumn 2010 - see the home page and concerts diary.

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