Tony Levin's Aston Martin DB4 for sale

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Tony Levin's Aston Martin DB4 Series 5 1963 : SOLD!!

The DB4 was the first car to be capable of 0 to 100 m.p.h. in under 30 seconds; as it could reach 100 m.p.h. in 21 seconds and had Dunlop disc brakes all round, this was easily accomplished. The average of two magazines top speeds was almost exactly 140 m.p.h. (225 km/h). It was a very impressive car and put Aston Martin in the forefront of sporting manufacturers. It is the fastest power to weight ratio of all the Aston Martins.

Over the years to 1963 there would be five minor series which gave something fresh to sell at each motor show, some with more significant changes than others. The DB4 is one of the best known of all 1960s famous classic cars having been regularly featured in James Bond films.

This is a rare opportunity to purchase a famous DB4 which has been lovingly cared for by a celebrity. The well known percussionist and jazz musician
Tony Levin has been the sole owner since 1967. The log book states that the previous recorded keeper is none.

aston martin db4

Registration Number
Body Colour
Body Number
Top Speed

573 NOJ
DB4 Series 5 1963
DB4 11018/R. Superleggera Under Licence. Carrazzeria Touring Milano.
6 cylinder dohc, 3670 cc. Engine is an all aluminium unit.
220bhp (net) @ 5500 rpm
4-speed manual DB
Electrically operated (equivalent of a fifth gear)
Steel sheet with tubular frame for aluminium body
Wishbone, live axle on coil springs
Servoassisted disc
140 mph. (225 km/h)
0–60 mph (96 km/h) 8.9 seconds; 0–100 mph (161 km/h) 20. 9 seconds.

The genuine recorded mileage as at 8th September 2003 is 68,558 miles.

This rare Aston Martin is a Series 5. The body numbers for this series were 1001 to 1051, i.e. only 50 of these were made. The condition of this Aston Martin (unlike a concourse conditioned car) is very original and in exceptional working order. The original colour of the vehicle was charcoal grey. This was repainted at the Aston Martin factory in 1963 to red. In 1970 it was repainted silver and in 1989 it was repainted red.

This car has been maintained at all times to top condition, repairs having been completed by the following Aston Martin specialists:

Bradburys, Birmingham (Main Aston Martin dealers)
Richard Chapman, Birmingham
Jack Moss, Four Ashes Garage, Stratford Upon Avon (Aston Martin Specialists) who currently look after any necessary repairs. Copies of M.0.T.s are enclosed with these particulars proving the genuineness of the mileage stated.

The vehicle has been kept at all times over the past 36 years by Tony Levin in an ideal, well ventilated garage.
If you would like to view the car, or you know someone who might, please contact us.

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